Learn to jump

RAPS – Ram Air Progression System

RAPS is the conventional skydiving course where you do everything from start to finish by yourself – with help from the instructor of course. You have two days of training, getting to know about skydiving techniques so you can make your first jump at around 3500ft with a parachute that automatically opens. Once you are competent in exiting the aircraft in a stable body position, you get to pull your main parachute as soon as your 6th jump, and can become a fully qualified solo skydiver within 16 jumps. Read more


AFF – Accelerated Free Fall

AFF is a fast-track course that allows you to become a British Parachute Association ‘Category 8’ Qualified Solo Skydiver. Although the name of the course has the word ‘accelerated’, it only means that you’ll be learning at a pace around 5 times quicker compared to the conventional method – unfortunatly you won’t fall faster. You’ll be jumping with instructors, providing support and adjusting your movement which improves your skills, confidence and performance. Read more



Tandem Skydives are the best way to experience a skydive, whether it’s to try it out or as a one off charity jump. You normally jump from around 13,500 feet securely attached to your instructor. You will spend about 45 seconds in freefall and reach a speed of around 120 miles per hour before your instructor opens the main parachute. You will then help steer the parachute to the landing area, where you can enjoy the view of the area thousands of feet above the ground. Read more