Non-Member price (£)Member price (£)External Member price (£)
Ground School and first jump230175175
Second jump 402020
Successive jumps423640


PackagePrice (£)What's includedBPA Membership type
Level 1 Only375First Jump Course & level 1
Bronze1399First Jump Course & levels 1-8Temporary BPA Membership
Silver 1699Bronze + 10x Consolidation JumpsFull BPA Membership
Gold1999Silver + Packing Course, Kit Package (Goggles, Helmet, Logbook, Altimeter)Full BPA Membership
Consolidation Jump35

Unfortunately we cannot offer any subsidisations on AFF.


 Price (£)
Tandem on any day (student deal)230
Video and photos75

Experienced Jumpers

 Non-Member Price (£)Member Price (£)External Member Price (£)
Langar jump ticket221820
Kit Hire per jump15 0 (using club kit)0 (using club kit)
Full Height Subsidization At Another Dropzone 020
Hop 'n' Pop Subsidization At Another Dropzone 020

Wind Tunnel

 Non-Member Price (£)Member Price (£)
Bedford Tunnel / Hour490459
iFly Tunnel / Hour585519

Club Costs

 Price (£)
Club Membership35
Transport - Return Trip To Dropzone10

If you have access car and are ever able to drive, we’d LOVE to hear from you!! We usually sort out lifts on our Facebook page


Small Print

Unfortunately due to budget constraints, discounted jump tickets are subject to availability. In order to receive these subsidies on your jumps, please make sure that you buy your tickets from one of the committee at the dropzone or any of our socials. All prices are subject to changes.