The Club


We usually jump at our home dropzone British Parachute Schools aka Skydive Langar which is located in the village of Langar just outside of Nottingham. There are so many reasons why we pride ourselves on being affiliated with them and why we love jumping there and being a part of Langar. Many of these reasons cannot be fully appreciated until you go there and experience it for yourself, but we will try to give you an idea of some the main benefits to our club and its members.

Langar has an abundance of the most highly qualified and experienced instructors you could ever wish to find. Some have been skydiving every day for over 50 years, some have over 18,000 jumps, others have invented entire disciplines and many of them have taken part in numerous world record skydives. Despite this, every last one cares about and takes an interest in each of their students and are always more than happy to take the time to give advice and encourage people and are always up for a good laugh!


The dropzone has an on-site cafe which is open during the day which sells food at reasonable prices, such as bacon sarnies, burgers, chips, sandwiches, tea, coffee and so on. There are also lovely warm showers provided free of charge to hose down after an exhausting but exhilarating day of jumping. Not only this, there is also a bunk house which is also free to stay in with beds, curtains, insulation and electricity, but unfortunately no heating so be warned it can get a little chilly in winter! Saving the best till last, Langar is also home to the G Spot bar which opens every day after the last plane has hit the sky and tends to stay open till the last person leaves! It’s always a great way to wind down and get to know new people and catch up with friends.


Langar own a large amount of kit in comparison to some other dropzones, which is all kept in absolutely top-notch condition and there is good choice, so there should always be suitably fitting kit for all sizes. This is provided to you at no extra charge throughout your training right up until you qualify and receive your ‘A Certificate’. There is also a shop on site to cater to all your skydiving gear needs, from loves to help freezing fingers to jazzy jumpsuits, the lovely Phil is always happy to help.

Opening times

Langar is the busiest civilian dropzone in the UK and is open every single day of the year except for Christmas day, so once you have completed a course with us, you can go back whenever you want to do more jumps!

Discounts for students/value for money

If you decide to sign up and do your training through the Birmingham Club, you are able to benefit from cheaper jumping. For instance, the RAPS static line training course usually costs £230 for the training and includes one jump. However jumping with us it only costs £175 and you get your second jump for half the price! Through the club we subsidse all subsequent jumps to help you get those jump numbers whilst on a student budget.


Langar Universities Skydive Team. We are not the only ones who have realised that Langar is where it’s at! Students from Leeds, Nottingham, Loughborough, Warwick and Aston Universities have all made Langar their home as well. Not only does this mean the parties are legendary, but we also get to benefit from sharing our club kits between qualified members!


There are loads of absolutely fantastic special events held throughout the year at Langar including two yearly boogies, bonfire parties, competitions, night jumps and coaching weekends.


Once you become qualified, the real fun begins, click here to find out more . But in brief, Langar has loads of really awesome people who are keen to teach you all the next steps. Coaching for Formation Skydiving to work towards your FS1 often comes at a price, but not at Langar, here you simply pay for your jump ticket and the coaches’ ticket and they are kind enough to give their time for free!